April 6, 2010

Then Jesus comes...

I'm tired
of this roller coaster
I've been on.
The ups & downs.
The emotions.
The depression.
The worry.
The circumstances.
The battle.

I cry out
to God
while I remain silent
to those around me.
I withdraw
into myself
into my circumstances
into my worry.
I get deeper
in despair
I want out...

Then Jesus comes and reminds me who HE is!
He holds my heart and lifts me out of the pit!
He tells me how precious I am!
He tells me of His love for me!
I believe Him!
I have to!
He is TRUTH!
So is God's Word!
That's what it always comes back to!

My feelings don't define what is true!
My circumstances don't define what is true!
My thoughts don't define what is true!

He loves me!
He adores me!
He cherishes me!
His love washes over me!
He takes away my despair!
He gives me hope!
He gives me joy!
He protects me!
He is STILL in control!
His plan ALWAYS prevails!

~~Daddy God, I pray that You would make yourself real to all those reading this blog, and even those that do not. It's so easy to get wrapped up in hopelessness when we see the mountains before us, but You have already told us that they can be moved. You have already won this war! You have given us the weapons we need to battle. You go before us, beside us, and behind us.

This has not been an easy journey God, but I've been trying to do it on my own. I need YOU to wipe the obstacles out of the way, especially in my thoughts! The thoughts that tell me that there is no way through this, and the rest of the lies that the enemy is trying to plant in my heart. Renew my mind, my heart, and refresh my soul in Jesus' name. This burden is so heavy and I am sorry for trying to carry it on my own. I give it to You by laying it at the foot of the cross...I receive YOUR joy, YOUR peace, YOUR hope, YOUR renewal, YOUR yoke which is easy, YOUR will, YOUR plan, YOUR desires, YOUR love. Jesus, please bring us into a new place THIS DAY! A new place in our thoughts, in our perspective, in our life. Let us never be the same. I give up myself for more of YOU! Thank You that You still reign! Thank You that You live and move and breathe in those who have chosen You! You are my life and I love You... In Jesus' name, Amen~

1 comment:

MTJ said...

Hello Heaven,

This prayer was encouraging in so many ways. I know that our emotions can wreak havoc in our lives but as you affirmed, God is soverign. The Lord really cares.

I will be praying for you as well.

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