April 21, 2010

New day...

Praise God for new days!
New starts!
New mercies!
New perspectives!
New love!
New eyes to see!
New ears to hear!
New words to speak!

It's a new day!

The old has gone...
the new has come.

Now it's up to us
to find out how God
wants that to look like.

Heavenly Father, God in heaven, Daddy, I offer my day to you. I thank You for another day to bathe in Your presence. I thank You for another fresh start. I thank You that my life isn't defined by my yesterdays! I thank You that my love is found in You. I thank You for Your perfect love, Your perfect affection towards me. I thank You that even though man may reject us, You, always receive us!

It can be so easy to get bogged down by the cares and disappointments of the world, but You, O Lord, know it all. You hold my heart and my world in the palm of Your hand and I thank You for that. I pray blessings over all those who persecute me. I pray blessings over all those who I call friend. I pray blessings over my family, each one of them by name. I pray blessings over everyone who reads these words. It is because of YOU that I can do this. In my own strength and thinking, I could have a "few words" for a few people, but I choose to love, I choose to forgive, I choose to release, and I choose to bless, bless, bless.

I thank You that You take the broken things in our lives and make them new again. I thank You that I don't have to fear or worry or wonder what my future holds. I thank You that You love us more than we can ever ever ever imagine! Thank You for Your love and Your sacrifice, and Your hope! I receive everything You have for me today...including Your new mercies! Thank You for being my best friend, my Comforter, my provider, my Rock, and my Shield.

In Jesus' name, Amen~


Jess :) said...

What a BEAUTIFUL prayer, Heaven. WoW! Every word, so pure...so true.

Praying for you and knowing that you are in the Lord's hands, ALWAYS

MTJ said...

Hello Heaven,

Thanks and blessings to you for interceding on behalf of so many.

"...You take the broken things in our lives and make them new again."

How wonderful it is to know this is the love and grace of God.


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