April 19, 2010

CHOOSE to be encouraged

Have you ever been doing really good just to get discouraged again quickly???

Ah...this is life...

...or is it???

I had a major breakthrough last week! It was awesome. I was feeling on top of the world and then BOOM! Like a ton of bricks, depression tried to come on me again!!! Ever been there???

Nothing in particular brought it on. Nothing major happened. But for whatever reason, I lay under a pile of bricks...doubt, unbelief, discouragement... guess I may as well just stay here, right???


Ah...this is life!!!

Choices! We have choices to make. We can choose to sink in despair or we can choose to rejoice. We can choose to wallow or we can choose to praise God and find the positive in life. We can choose to hold onto bitterness or we can choose to forgive. We can choose to "zone out" in whatever way comforts us, or we can choose to deal with the circumstances (or feelings) before us.

God is good! ALL the time. There are very few things that are absolute in our lives. Jobs come and go. So do friends and family. Circumstances arise and they change. BUT God is the same today, tomorrow and yesterday! No exceptions! God is stability. God is a Rock. God is a refuge. God is a strong tower. God cannot lie. GOD IS...ALL the time! That's life! That's reality! That's Truth!

God doesn't come to steal, kill, and destroy...satan does. And sometimes we don't even need satan to "mess things up", because sometimes, we step in and create the havoc ourselves. BUT no matter what, GOD REMAINS THE SAME, HE REMAINS CONSTANT, HE REMAINS GOOD...ALL THE TIME...because that's just who He is!

So, back to my bricks...I may not be able to control what "falls" on me, BUT I can choose to pick up the brick called "despair" and throw it off of me. I can choose to pick up the brick called "unbelief" and toss is aside. WE DON'T HAVE TO REMAIN STUCK, OR DEPRESSED, OR SAD, OR MISERABLE, OR DISCOURAGED!

Because of the price that Jesus Christ paid for on the cross, He broke despair! He broke depression! He broke doubt! Now I have the choice to believe that GOD IS GOOD all the time...or not. Because God is absolute (always/never) ALL THE TIME, He can't have even an ounce of "bad" in Him. It's just NOT possible!!!

Sooooooooo, since I believe that as TRUTH, because I believe the Bible is TRUTH, then...I have to CHOOSE to quit blaming God for things in my life and start believing what He says is truth... God is good...ALL THE TIME! The devil is bad...ALL THE TIME!

No matter what circumstance has landed on you in the form of a "brick" today or this week, CHOOSE to throw it off, and declare that God is FOR YOU, and NOT against you! CHOOSE TO declare that "ALL things work together for good to those that love the Lord"! CHOOSE TO rejoice in what you DO have and not in what you DO NOT have! CHOOSE TO fight and throw off any thing that is hindering...

It's your choice...

CHOOSE TO despair...or....



Lynda R Young as Elle Cardy said...

This is so true. We often choose to be upset and choose to become a victim of our circumstances. Instead we can choose the other path...the path with God.

MTJ said...

Hello Heaven,

Thanks for an affirming testimony on trusting God.

I believe that everything in life (people, places, circumstances and things) is subject to change; for good or bad. Recognizing this helps me understand that "all things work together for good to those who love God..."


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