January 8, 2016

Blogger junkie

I used to be a "blogger junkie fanatic". Spending hours trying to accumulate followers. Being defined by the number of comments. Feeling crushed when someone quit following me. Offended if I commented on someone's blog and they didn't even return the favor or thank me.

I used to spend hours reading blogs. Coming up with the perfect comment that would make everyone else wonder "Who is this wonderful woman?". Ha! I would comment and comment and comment on many blogs, visiting every blog I followed daily, seeking new opportunities to draw people to my blog....

After all...I was ruled by numbers. I was defined by the amount of visitors that stopped by my blog. I was smitten by comments left. I would be offended when someone stopped following or if they didn't put as much effort into my blog as I did theirs. I became sad and crushed when my sitemeter numbers were down.

THEN...Beccah & April Rose happened! I got 1,000s of visitors a day!!! I made an impact in the world of blogging. I was noticed! Eventually, that subsided.

I was important...well, kinda'...ok, well noticed anyway:)

I eventually grew out of my need for numbers. The number of followers no longer defined me. The number of comments (or lack of) didn't offend me anymore. I didn't need to run to the computer all the time to see if I impacted someone (good or bad!). BUT...

I also couldn't do the meme's anymore, or the "link-ups", or the awards, or any of that. Not because I didn't want to...but my perspective and direction had changed. I was writing for an audience of "one"... my King! And His "showing up" on my blog was the only thing that mattered anymore.

I painstakingly detoxed from reading EVERY blog I followed daily, and now, read only once in awhile.

I used to spend hours on my blog, not necessarily writing, but reading the hearts of my fellow bloggers. I used to comment on at least 30 blogs a day...well, because commenting leads people back to my blogs. The more people visit, the more of a chance that people will follow. The more games and things I link up to mean more traffic as well. And followers mean importance........ right???

This is where I used to be. In finding my priorities...I now write for the King. I spend very little time on the computer anymore. I don't Twitter like I used to. I don't even receive my tweets on my phone like I used to. I used to spend hours on Facebook as well. Now I update my statuses from my phone and get updates sent to my phone for about 10 people. I feel like I miss out on people's lives... but I'm not AS distracted... not as "driven" by the internet world.

ollow many blogs, but don't read everyday... I'd like to, but can't. My IRL friend, Sami, writes so beautifully and honestly, and I get to her blog maybe once a week and get caught up.

It's sad. I'm not a faithful follower of blogs like I used to be. I don't spend hours reading the many heartfelt posts my blogging friends write. I usually catch up on a person's blog once a week...one at a time.

I pray that God leads people here. I don't seek it like I used to.

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