November 25, 2008

Back for a moment

Hi, I am overwhelmed by the concerns of my bloggy friends, and very touched. Thank you all for caring.

Well, my computer is still down. Life is busy. Job is going great. Kids are still doing good. Thanksgiving is coming fast. Christmas is approaching even faster. House is VERY clean. Bible is getting very used with no computer:) Lots of time with God. Phone disconnected, but still have heat and lights. Being tweaked a lot, and growing spiritually. Heart is healing. Missing you all and my conversations with you. Amazed that I can care so much about people I've never met:)

Life is good. Time is out. Gotta' go...will write again soon:( Heaven

November 1, 2008


Well, with yesterday's post come and gone, I asked God, "Now where are we going with this blog?" I had debated posting that, yet I knew God directed me through it.

After some soul-searching today over that post, I knew I had to go back one more time. I had to re-visit the reminders of Freedom I had already experienced in this relationship. (**Note** I allowed myself to get depressed after I posted on my marriage).

So, here I sat sulking all day, STILL asking "Why?" Well, God had a remedy for me, as always, if I chose to utilize it, since everything has been all about 'choices' lately. He brought me out of my "victim" mode, and into my "Conquer/Princess Warrior" mode by having me read a few of my beginning posts.

I am not a victim. I am not even a survivor (one who just hangs on). I AM A CONQUERER! (I am a true believer that if I say something enough times, I will eventually believe it). But for now, I will simply put on the royal attire of a conquerer, and the feelings come whenever they come.

So.....yesterday I posted on the negative consequences of my choices, and today, I am taking you to a place where my choices brought release and freedom....

Be blessed today and know that God is good, ALL THE TIME! and ALL THE TIME, God is good!
~Thank you all for your wonderful and encouraging words. I get so blessed when I know God is speaking to others through me. This is a wonderful journey we are on girls and...well...Greg:) LOL

Who am I Lord?

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