August 14, 2010

New season...

I have been off-line for awhile, so that is the reason for my lack of posting. God has been so good to me lately. I am being pruned and old habits are being broken. It has been painful, but it feels so good to get free of the things that have held me back for so long!

I have started a new chapter of my life, and boy oh BOY! What a journey it has been!!! I did not know I still had some of the mindsets of the past. There is some ugly thoughts and attitudes that I have been praying for God to burn out of me.

I have been praying a very scary prayer,
only because I know God will answer! :)

"Stick me in the furnace Lord! I just want to be more like YOU!!!"

He is doing just that! And PRAISE GOD! As long as He does not let go of me, I can go through anything! As God reveals a wrong thought pattern within me, I bring it to the throne, and pray He will burn it out of me, and then show me the TRUTH...HIS truth!

I never want to be unteachable! I never want to sacrifice His will to get my way! I just want to continue in His grip and in His loving arms! He is so amazing and I am so glad I can finally quit going around the mountain!!! It's about time to walk a new path:)

I have heard this a hundred times, but it finally makes sense to me this time...

"As long as you do what you have always done, you will always get what you've always gotten."

I'm ready for the NEW that God has offered me. That requires me to do things differently, not just in actions, but in my thoughts, and in the words of my heart. Be blessed! Not sure when I will get around to visit your blogs.

Take the higher road!!! It always leads us closer to Jesus!

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