April 10, 2010

Dear Anonymous...

Dear Anonymous,

There are so many times when I write, I know I am writing for you as well. I have often asked God why I can't be like other bloggers or be a little more "private" with my emotions, and He reminds me it is for YOU.

This past month seriously has wreaked havoc on my emotions, as well as my faith, yet I have survived. I have lost a few followers, I have gained a couple new ones, but most of all, I have been as transparent as possible (you know, with this being the web and all!) *grin*, and have been true to myself AND my God!

I know there are people who read and never comment. I know some of my IRL friends stop by just to make sure I'm still alive:) I know people from my past (or present) on FB read this. I know people find my blog by accident or "coincidence"...BUT, my friend, I always pray that God would direct the people here that need to read what I write...

SO...the fact that you are here is a "God-incidence". However you got here, you are here. God chooses my followers. God chooses who needs to hear what I write. So I pray you are encouraged. I pray you are blessed.

I pray you, too, will take this journey of learning to live in your "own" skin God has given you... We'll continue to take it one day at a time...one opportunity at a time...(and we know God DEFINITELY gives us enough opportunities!)

Dear Daddy God, Please love on my friends today, the ones who take the time to read what I write. It is no accident that You bring people here to my little ole' blog. It is no accident the topics I write about. It is no accident people stumble across this address on the great World Wide Web. I thank You that although we choose our path, YOU direct our steps! I thank You that You never give up on us, even when we continue to stumble. I thank You that You keep Your angels charge over us! I thank You for the journeys that You have each one of us on...God, the destination is eternity, but the path beneath our feet is individual, unique, and carefully designed. I pray that when we come across a pebble/stone/rock along the way that seems to trip us up, that we would remember YOU knew it was there! YOU knew we'd trip! YOU knew we would hesitate to stand up & take Your extended hand full of grace & mercy! Help us to get up off the ground quickly, and back on the journey of following You--wherever You want to take us. And may we forget what is behind, straining to move forward...one step at a time...one pebble at a time...one breath at a time...pressing on toward the goal of getting to know YOU better. Thank You for loving each one of us...right where we are...however we are...right now...this day... In Jesus' name~ Amen

(p.s. Daddy- can you put a little "skip" in our step & remind us that it's o-kay to enjoy the scenery along the way. Teach us to find joy in the journey.)


MTJ said...

Thank you for the intercessory prayer.

Rebekah said...

One of your comments on my blog made it into my "Junk" box the other day.
I remember seeing it thinking to myself, "Thats not Junk!"
I felt our Father nudge my heart, to tell you...
"You're not Junk!"
I dont know if you ever feel that way, but i felt him want me to tell you.
May you be blessed with all you share. I agree with the
words you wrote here, God guides people to read what we write, and its no accident.
Bless you heaven..
you are deeply loved by Him. x

Lisa said...

Love you, Heaven.

Anonymous said...


Rebekah said...

P.S I have given you a award, have fun with it!


Debbie G said...

What a sweet post...thank you for thinking of me...thank God for leading me to you. I love the new look. It is cheerful and happy.
Love, Debbie

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