May 28, 2010

$20.00 TOO much!!!

I have an awesome, rockin' story of
God blessing obedience!!!

In the beginning of this year,
God gave me a word.


This was to be a year of obedience.
Despite the outlook.
Regardless of the outcome,
I was simply to be obedient.

Sure, I can be obedient.
Sounded easy enough.
Not a problem.

In my head, I knew I would
have to sacrifice a little, and say "Yes"
to some things and "No" to other things.

I did NOT realize God wanted me
to obey in the little things!

I did NOT realize that meant
to put the cart away
when I was done with it.

I did NOT realize that meant
to close my mouth
when I would have preferred
to shout very loudly!

I did NOT realize that meant
I had to go back to the CORRECT
food isle in the grocery store
to put away the item(s) I decided
I did NOT need after all!

Last week, my checking account was overdrawn because of an automatic withdrawal I was not prepared for. I had $1.41 in my account, and all of my transactions were clear. So when I got the overdraft notice, I freaked! I had nothing out there to withdraw it. After I checked my online statement, I realized a book club I belonged to sent out a shipment of books because I thought, "I'll reply to that email later!!!"

Um...I forgot to respond to that email to tell them,
"No Thank You, Please do not send anything at this time."

My bank was SO kind to cover that transaction of some $30 amount, leaving my bank account overdrawn! Ugh!!! I called the book company and they were SO kind to already have shipped my order! Ahhhh, That was so sweet. Of course, I am not very wealthy (yet!!!!!), so I had to leave my account overdrawn because I could not do anything about it. In the meantime, not only did my package of books come, but so did my overdraft fee of $35.00! So now, I have books I did not order (forgot to respond to!), and -$76.41 in the bank.


I sent the books back, and when I checked my account last night, the amount was credited back to my account, so now I was only -$36.41, instead of -$76.41.

MY $1.41 + $35.00 overdraft fee
(which again was from the books I never ordered,
and now that money was back in my acct.)

Have I lost you yet?????

I get my (long-awaited) financial aid check last night, went to the bank, & deposited it all, but $100.00. It would take until late Friday night to clear, so the funds would not be available until Saturday. Not a problem! I can at least get food, gas, etc.

I made TWO stops!!!

For whatever reason, I paid attention to the kind of currency I was getting back in change. I get home, re-count my money, and either my brain was fried from the week's stress, or....I had way toooooo much money! After 1 1/2 hours of counting, figuring, checking receipts, counting again, doing all the math....I knew without a doubt that the bank gave me $20.00 too much.

Two years ago, I would have said,

"WOO HOO! God blessed me with extra money!!!"
(Not sure HOW I ever justified that one!!!)

I called the bank this morning, KNOWING they gave me an extra $20.00 bill (but still doubting if my calculations were right or if I was working on a "fried brain" and just was not getting it!)

"Um...I think _______ gave me too much money."

"Oh........what do you mean?"

I explained the situation, the teller still seemed unsure if she was talking to someone with a "fried brain" because I am sure she does not get many calls like that. I had to tell her again what I was calling for.

"Will you please just check if_______ came up short last night?"

"Um...sure...please hold..."


"Yes, actually she was exactly $20.00 short!"

THANK YOU GOD my brain wasn't fried!!!

"Ok, I will be in shortly to return it."


I show up at the bank.
Announce my name & why I am there.
The bank manager comes to talk to me.
She thanks me profusely for returning the $20.
And then she TOTALLY rocked my day!!!!!!!!

"Ma'm, I want to reward your honesty.
Because you brought back this $20, I am
going to reverse the $35 overdraft fee that
was charged to your account."

WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!!

I had $1.41 in my account!!!!!!!

I was SOOOOOOO excited!!!!

GOD ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Tracy said...

That is sooooo cool! hallelujah!

Anonymous said...

Yay for God!! If only you'd known how it would have all worked out, you wouldn't have needed to stress out over it! LoL

Heaven said...

I know! God always works things out for our good, and most of the time, we truly worry waaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy too much for nothing! :)

Solid Rock or Sinking Sand said...

I really enjoyed reading the posts on your blog. I would like to invite you to come over to my blog and check it out. God bless, Lloyd

Cherie Hill said...

Sister, I have seen God work this way in my own life...He truly leaves me standing in awe...with my jaw dropped to the ground! It's the reason I profess my faith so vigliantly to's like, "NO, REALLY there is a GOD and He is WAY more amazing and awesome than you could ever imagine!!!" At times like you've just should make that moment a "stone" and place it in your life as a reminder of God's hand and deliverance. If He can part the Red Sea and Jordan River...He can part the raging seas in our life as well!!!
With joy!

NanaNor's said...

Blessings to you, I just came over from Lisa Shaw's blog and so glad I did. What a wonderful testimony and I can tell you from having once been a teller that you blessed the person who gave you the extra money...not it won't be on her record. I can see that I will be back to read you regularly-also loved the way you blessed Lisa with her name....

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