January 28, 2009


I am NOT a photogenic person!

From what I hear, neither is my

bloggy friend, AD

But some people just are...

and they look good...

in EVERY pictur

even without make-up...

and with food in their mouth...

they STILL look good!

But myself...I am not photogenic...

but I wish I was!

In the right light, with the correct lens, and with the slightest angle changes, even a person who is not photogenic, like myself, can look gorgeous. Yep, that's true! In my senior pictures (years ago), I went from a geek to a very pretty girl (only $300 later).

How we see ourselves is usually not how others se
e us. What we find as a flaw (a mole, a dimple, a scar), someone else sees as a unique feature. While we may see failure after failure, someone else may see persistence and determination. What we may view as humiliation and embarrassment, someone else may view in us as humility and authenticity. Bottom line: we don't view ourselves the way others see us.

Most importantly, we don't always see ourselves as God sees us. He sees us through the "light" of His glory, in the "perfect angle" of the cross, and through the blood stained "lens" of Jesus Christ.

I took a bunch of self-portraits with my cell phone today while waiting for an appointment. After about 30 pictures, I ended up with about 5 that had any potential. With those 5, I found the potential and focused on those qualities, which happen to be my eyes. With some cropping here and there, I ended up going from geek to a very pretty lady.

THAT is the mentality that has to change. I am beautiful, not because of one decent picture, rather because I am covered in the blood of Jesus, pure and spotless, and a daughter of the King. I need to stop looking at the "self-painted-portrait" I am viewing, and need to look at the "God-portrait" He has already taken of me!!!

God focuses on our heart qualities that are already "
there" and magnifies them with His light. The other 'stuff' has much, much potential, and praise God, He takes that and crops a little here and a little there until it, too, is beautiful...

Ecclesiastes 3:11 "He has made everything
beautiful in His time. He has also put eternity in the hearts of men; yet they cannot fathom what God has done from beginning to end."

Without further ado (How is this sp

Here are my glorified self-portraits from today:)


My ADHD Me said...

Good for you!
It's easy to see the flaws in ourselves and overlook the good.
(Chatty Kelly is one of those photogenic people...sigh....oh well)

Sharon said...

I think you're beautiful, you have lovely eyes :)

I did email you tonight, I'm still behind on my emails to everyone, but I'm getting there ;)


FlowerLady Lorraine said...

We are all beautiful in God's sight. You are so right about our viewing ourselves with our flaws, etc.

You are a lovely lady with gorgeous eyes. A beautiful shade of blue/green.

May we all grow more beautiful in God's grace, with each new day that we are blessed with.


B His Girl said...

Heaven you echoed many of our thoughts about ourselves at times. To see ourselves in the Lord's eyes is life changing. We have to look in His mirror and reflect His image. Not a glamor shot but a God shot.

Tracy said...

We are fearfully and wonderfully made. We realy need to stop picking on ourselves and see ourselves the way God does. Your writing ministered to me.I read through some of your blog. I kept thinking that you are transparent with yourself. Then I read the post about transparency. We all need to be that way. It's humbling to put yourself out there isn't it? You are honest and beautiful! I love your blog and I'm going to follow it. I pray that God continues to use you. Keep shining! Tracy
Check out my blog~ http://tracywagman.blogspot.com

Tracy said...

P.S. I will really be praying for your son!

betty said...

you are beautiful! truly you are!! and you are beautiful inside and out and that means so much more than just physical beauty! you have a caring, loving heart and you know where you stand with the Lord, that is awesome!

great post :)


Kelly said...

You have FABULOUS eyes indeed! A beautiful daughter of the king!

Greg C said...

I liked the photos. I don't take very good ones though. I won't be posting any more self portraits until I lose a few more lbs.

Edie said...

Your self portraits are much better than mine. I love finding the uniquie qualities that God built into each of His children.

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