January 7, 2009


Rediscovering who I am in Christ...

I tend to focus on "where I'm not", instead of "where I am" or "where I've come from". There is some part of me that seeks out failing moments, instead of accomplished successes . My eyes see the steps I have missed, instead of the miles I have walked. My heart condemns the blown reactions, rather than the many I got right. In order to get to where I need to be, I have to see where I've been, which will confirm that I am right where I am supposed to be.

The last week in my blogging has been incredible for me. As I look back into my past, I am beginning to see a new perspective in my present. I TRULY AM NOT THE SAME AS I USED TO BE!

It's one thing to say it, it's another to represent it, yet even another to believe it!

I've been saying it for years.
I represent it often.
Yet, I've never believed...

Yet, today I BELIEVE it!

"I am a new creation in Christ!"
"I am an Heir to the throne!"
"I am the head and not the tail!"
"I am more than a conquerer!"
"I can do ALL things in Christ!"
"I am a daughter of the King!"

O-kay, so I believe it more than I did yesterday. And that is a start...

Is there something that God has been saying about you that you need to begin to believe?

Are you believing lies from the enemy about yourself or your situation?

Do you need to re-discover who you are in Christ...or who God really is?

Do you view yourself as worthy, valuable, precious, acceptable, priceless, and wanted in the eyes of God? If not, you are believing a lie...a lie that the enemy crafted and engraved in your heart and thoughts.

You are worthy! You are valuable! You are precious! You are acceptable! You are priceless! God wants YOU and loves YOU unconditionally! Anything less than that is a lie from the pit of hell. It's time to start believing the VOICE OF TRUTH!!!

God doesn't lie. He doesn't make junk. He doesn't change His mind about you and I because we sin or mess up. His love is a love that NEVER changes! Can you grasp that?

I don't care how big the mess you are in, God has not changed His mind about you.

So together, let's begin to believe that we are God's beloved and cherished, and begin stomping on the lies that keep us from becoming all that God means for us to be.

Let's renew our minds and rediscover who we are in Christ!!!


Sharon said...

This is a beautiful post, heartfelt and true. I do believe God is using you to reach out to others in their time of need.
God Bless

Heaven said...

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Heaven, There is a new movie out same people who made facing the giants. It is called FIREPROOF. It comes out in a couple weeks. I plan to buy it. Look it up online see if ya wanna watch it ... It may be too personal for you at this point in your life... You have such a strong talent of writing.. When are you going to finish your book...? You know you could compile all your lil stories into a book and hmmm.. just s thought...Love you. I still can't get over the kleenex story....

Heaven said...

salashoes, my dear sister, does this mean that you are going to blog now???? Hmmmmmmmmm...may as well.

Heaven said...

Yeah, as far as the movie goes, I heard it's awesome. And yes, even though things it may be a little personal, I still want to watch it. There's a book out that accompanies it that you and Kelly should get. Or you should do for Him, I should say. I forgot what it's called, but if you check out any site with that movie on it, it should say:)

The Rigelsky Family said...

I need your blog in my life. It seems every post Ive read has been just what I need to hear for the day. I am so blessed by you. Thanks a bunch.

Greg C said...

I am glad you are focusing on the present instead of the past. I try to do the same. I remember the mistakes that I have made just so that I don't remake them but I focus on today. Great post.

betty said...

awesome words to remember! when I get down, I always try to remember who I am in the Lord; a dearly beloved daughter to the Creator of the Universe, the one true God, and sister to Jesus, Savior of the world, and co-heir with him to all my Father wants to give me; it doesn't get any better than that :)


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