January 12, 2009

Prayer needed for Dylan

Hi, I am shifting from my normal posting today. My son, Dylan, needs prayer.

He's 8 and has been labeled with ADHD, ODD, anxiety, possible Bipolar and who knows what else. He has been on medicine for those conditions since he was about 3 or 4. His behaviors have been a constant issue since he was little. Year by year, they add another diagnosis and another medicine and another program to his life.

He's a great kid who loves Jesus so much. He snuggles with Jesus at bedtime and is learning to trust verses being afraid. His life ambition is to grow up and give money to the poor.

The school and I finally have a good working relationship after a couple years, yet they are still seeing some behavior issues despite the added medicine for anxiety. Recently, they noticed a pattern in these behaviors. Between 9:30-10 a.m., they can expect a "hard time" because he "crashes", so they automatically make a shift in his learning from schoolwork to a time of relaxation and exercise.

After putting some pieces together, I have an appointment this morning to get his blood sugars checked. He'll drink 3-4 water bottles a night, plus another one in the middle of the night, & he's going to the bathroom constantly. His ADHD medicine makes it so he's not hungry throughout the day, so at 6 or 7 p.m., he's extremely hungry and eats me out of house and home. Other than that, he'll eat breakfast and that's it.

I really need prayer for the wisdom of the doctors and nurses today. We go in a 11:30 this morning (WI time). It would be a relief if this is a key to all the behavior stuff. He is on more meds than most adults, and it would be amazing if all of this was just a "dietary thing". If his blood sugars are out of "wack", then that would mean he could possibly get off some of his medicines. Please pray that if this is the problem, that it would show up. (You know how you have a problem and go to the Dr. and suddenly you're fine? That's the way it usually works with us:)

I am tired of the enemy stealing from my baby. His destiny is amazing and God has wonderful plans for his life. As long as he is medicated like he is, so much of that potential is "numbed" and "stuck".

Thank you in advance for your prayers! Sorry this isn't my "normal" kind of post.



Joyful said...

Just wanted to let you know that I'm praying. Praying for wisdom for the Doctor's and that if anything needs to be seen, that even if it isn't recognizable at this moment, the Doctor's will keep on top of this and pursue the situation until a definite answer can be given. May you leave the appointment encouraged and your heart lifted and may you see God's Hand guiding.

Love & prayers,

Paulette said...

There is nothing to be sorry about Heaven. We are believing together that answers are found regarding Dylan's behavior. I hope you get the answers you are looking for. If you need to talk I'll have my cell phone with me while I'm at work. You can get me a hollar. Love you friend. Paulette

Kelly said...

May God be with your precious son! May the drs find the causes for his issues and work on fixing them. May he be removed from so many drugs.

Keep us posted.

Anonymous said...

Heaven--Praying for Dylan. It would be awesome if you could get him off of some of the medication! Let us know what you find out--and you are definately right...God has an awesome plan for Dylan!

My ADHD Me said...

You have my prayers and never, never feel the need to apologize for asking for prayers.

I think you know that I can relate. Keep us all posted.

The Rigelsky Family said...

I know a woman whos son was having major issues with adhd and stuff like that--she put him on a completely different diet and he is a different child now. I can hook you up with her.

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