January 1, 2009


Lord, plant my feet on higher ground...

For 2009, help me to:

  • Recapture the joy of You, Lord.
  • Remember all You have done.
  • Reflect on Your goodness and faithfulness.
  • Reestablish my boundaries.
  • Reclaim my position in Christ.
  • Regain ground stolen from the enemy.
  • Refrain from bitterness.
  • Repent quickly when I sin.
  • Renew my mind
  • Regard others better than myself
  • Resign from judging others.
  • Reject wickedness.
  • Remain in You.
  • Return to my first love.
  • Receive others.
  • Reinvent my thought life.
  • Refresh my prayer life.
  • Resolve unsettled matters in my heart.
  • Reconcile broken relationships where possible.
  • Recount the blessings You've given.
  • Reinvest my life into the Kingdom of God.
  • Relinquish my rights, desires, & own will for my life.
  • Represent the attitude of Christ in all I do.
  • Reduce criticism of others & of myself.
  • Rediscover who I am in Christ.

The prefix "re-" means "again." So Heavenly Father~ Please do it again! Do what You need to in each one of us, in order to bring us to a place of total harmony with You. Restore our relationships, our churches, our communities, and our nation. Lord, our nation will reap what it has sown, but Father, have mercy on Your people as we draw near to You. May we become explosive for the Kingdom of God. May hearts be softened and turn heavenward. Let revival come, and let it begin and remain in each one of us... In Jesus' precious name~ Amen

1 comment:

Kelly said...

I love the "again" part. I think it is a daily process!! God is so good. He is so loving even when we drop the ball, again and again.

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