June 29, 2010


This summer has been atypical for me. My children have been gone A LOT!!! Well, not really a lot, but it sure seems like it.

Recently, God asked me to totally trust Him with my kids. This is an area where I really have a hard time. They have been through so much and I really just want to protect them ALL.THE.TIME.

I said YES to God...but then He asked me to do something that I would have not normally done! He also asked me to trust their dad with my kids! Yikes! If I would have known saying YES involved this, then I am not sure I would have said YES.

But I am very glad I did!!!

This summer has brought pain, yet immense healing; joy, yet some sadness; surrender, yet a lot of pain through it.

The boys spent a week with their dad...in a different state...all alone....without me...my baby who clung to my hip...was now without me...

My oldest son came home after the first week, but my youngest (the one attached to me at the hip), wanted to stay! Another week went by, and he asked to stay again!!! So, he is on his 3rd week at dad's house. Nothing like bonding, huh?

In the beginning, my feelings told me, "No way! That's too far away! They will miss me too much!"

But God kept telling me to trust Him!

He loves my kids more than I do! AND He knows them better than I do!!! At one point in the first week, my oldest called and wanted to come home "RIGHT NOW".

I wanted to rescue him. I could have rescued him. I wanted to drive down there and rescue him from his discomfort and his own pain....BUT God said, "Trust me..."

God knew what He was doing...BUT He needed me to trust Him...I did...God moved...He healed some brokenness....in my children.... in their father....my youngest now bonded with his father....my oldest could laugh and joke with his dad again....because I CHOSE to trust God...

Sometimes a situation will come that requires us to TRUST GOD!

Trusting Him does not mean an absence of fear or pain or discomfort...it simply means doing it despite those feelings... It means letting God be God. Sometimes it means taking YOUR hands off of the situation so that God can place HIS more capable hands on the situation!!!

If God is asking you to TRUST Him...then simply trust Him! I spent so many years saying, "no" to God in this area because I did not want to face the pain and discomfort of letting go of MY control!

Now as each feeling comes, I cry out to God, "Are you sure???"

"Yes sweet daughter...keep trusting..."

"O-kay God, then I give you my fears and pray for Your peace."




If you trust God, you will be amazed at the peace He can give you in return. You will be in awe at the results of whatever He is asking you to trust Him with. When God says, "TRUST ME!", the outcome will always be far better than what you could ever expect or imagine!!!


MTJ said...

Hello Heaven,

This is what I have been reading and meditating on; so I'm in agreement with you about trusting God.

May you always be blessed my sister.


Karen Hossink said...

Ah, yes.
That's Who He is.
And that's what He does!

It's so good to read about you trusting God and seeing His faithfulness. And that peace He gives? Oh, I want more and more of it. But it will only come when I trust Him more and more.

So easy to write...

LORD, please help our hearts go with what we know to be True, rather than with what feels comfortable!

Kelly said...

By trusting God you are making a difference in your kids life. You are giving them the ability to love their dad & trust their dad. Like you are trusting YOUR dad, God.

B His Girl said...

As I was talking to God this morning before I got up, I remembered His words to me spoken at the beginning of my walk with Him. "I am faithful and true to what I tell you. Trust me MORE. I want MORE of your life." I pondered the 'trust' He asked me for. I know He is refreshing this word to me. Thanks Heaven. I pray we trust Him MORE. Blessings, B

Anonymous said...

Oh it is hard to trust God when you (that is, when I) don't see results. I'm trying to trust God, totally and completely with a strained relationship with my daughter. I keep thinking I'll just say something and clear the air but somehow, I can't. Not yet anyway. It seems something always happens to stop me when I make my plans to talk. And so for now I am trusting. Or trying to.
Thanks for the reminder. Just when I needed it.

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