June 25, 2010

I don't need your approval....Or do I???

Whose approval are you seeking?

Who are you hoping will notice you?

Whose adoration are you longing for?

Whose words do you want to hear?

Who are you trying to compete against?

No one??????

Let me ask you another set of questions.


Can you celebrate your successes, no matter how small?

Can you appreciate your unique quirks?

Are you hard on yourself?

Do you make a longer mental note of
what you CAN do right...
or what you do WRONG?

Are you saddened or "let down" when that
special person does not say anything to affirm you?


Back to square one...


If any of the second set of questions ring true,
then you really need to look to the first set again.
What underlying approval are you needing
and do you know why?
Was there some emotional wound that occurred
that needs healed?
Are there any lies that you may have
believed about yourself that need the truth applied to them?



What do we do with our need to be needed and loved
and appreciated and...and...and...and....

First of all, We truly have to seek to find out who we are in Christ. We do this by seeking out scriptures that tell us this. Freedom in Christ Website has a list about "Who I am in Christ". Click here for that list. Print it out and speak it over yourself. Hang up the list on the mirror you look in the most. Seek out the scriptures and look them up. Meditate (think upon) them. Say them over and over and OVER until they become YOUR truth!!!! Add scriptures of your own to this list.

SPEAK THEM OUTLOUD!!! The written Word of God is so much more powerful when it is spoken. Not only will you make your enemy scatter, you will also strengthen YOUR faith. (Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of the Lord. Romans 10:17)

Do not go by your feelings!
Your feelings are going to tell you statements like this:

"This is NOT helping!"
"How can you say such stupid things?"
"This is pointless!"
"Why am I doing this for?"
"I do not feel any different, is this really worth it?"
"Whatever?!?! It's not like these things are true about me!"

Feelings deceive us and this is the route which satan uses most often. If he can offend our feelings, he can offend our hearts. If he can offend our hearts, he can get to our mind. If he can get to our mind, he can get us to act on our actions. He is not out to tell you how wonderful you are, but the opposite! John 10:10a says, "The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy..."


"... that [we] may have life, and have it to the full. (John 10:10b)


And that also applies to our emotions...
our self-esteem (God-esteem!!!)...
our mental state of mind...


The Word of God, the Bible is TRUTH...

If you want TRUTH...then you have to read the source...

If you want FREEDOM from your negativity...

then you have to APPLY the TRUTH....


to the small sweet knowing in your heart...
the one that tells you YOU are somebody!
The "voice" that tells you opposite of what you feel.
The whisper that says, "I love you just as you are!"
"Can't you see how beautiful you are?"
"You are precious, my sweet Child!"

THAT is the voice of TRUTH!!!

Jesus, I long to hear your thoughts concerning me rather than the ones that condemn me and leave me unable to measure up. Your Word says that You know my inmost being and YOU love me anyway! I cannot even begin to comprehend that kind of love or acceptance because I am limited by my human nature.

It is so exhausting to try to compete with people. There is always going to be someone prettier, smarter, thinner, and better than me. I am playing in a "lose-lose" competition that leaves me weary and exhausted. How it must grieve Your heart when I complain about not being "good enough" because I am fearfully and wonderfully made. I was made in the image of God...yet somehow, I still find myself not "good enough".

I am sorry for trying to be someone other than whom you have made me to me. I'm sorry for longing to be like anyone else besides me... I am sorry for the "slap in the face" of the wonderful creation my Creator has made. Help me to see myself through Your eyes, and please show me where I have been wounded so that I could give You permission to heal that part of me.

I'm tired of believing the lies, and for this moment in time, I choose to believe in Your Voice of TRUTH!!! I bring my inadequacies and imperfections and lay them at the foot of the cross... "If you can still use me...please do!"

Help me to just be the best "me" that You created~ idiosyncrasies and all!!!!

In Jesus' perfect name, Amen


Unknown said...

Great thought-provoking questions! Definitely something to consider often so we can be sure we're seeking God's approval and not man's. Easy to say, yet hard to do! I believe you're accurate in saying that satan uses our thoughts and feelings to draw us away from God's truth and to act on lies. The truth is, we are fearfully and wonderfully made, and God wants to use each one of us to bring Him honor and glory! Thanks for this post, Heaven! Have a beautiful weekend. God bless! :)

Tracy said...

Great post Heaven...needed to hear that today.

Karen Hossink said...

Choosing to believe the Voice of Truth. I'm with you on that one, sister.
The desire-for-approval-thing is an issue with which I WISH I was not so familiar. But I am.
And STILL - HE loves me.

Love you so much, my friend!

Anonymous said...

oh boy! I don't know how in the world you do it but you do! How do you know exactly what I am thinking and feeling?? How do you know I say exactly that same stuff to myself so many times, over and over? How do you know how much I hate myself and how I've been angry (yes, angry) at God because He goofed big time when He made me? How do you know about the longing for acceptance and approval and feeling I've disappointed everyone else so surely God must be horribly disappointed since He knows me better than anyone else? How do you know I feel like I have to compete for love and I can never win?

Once again, thanks. Thanks for this post. I've been without internet for awhile and now I'm getting caught up. I've missed your encouragement while I was off. I've printed the list off. It may take a little time to actually sink into my brain but eventually it will.

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