June 10, 2010


Sometimes I wonder
what God is up to....

I do not know what He's doing,
but I love it!

There have been times in my life
when I seriously was so angry
at God for the way things
turned out...

But as I forgive & trust in HIM,
He shows me ...
a little at a time...
what He's doing!

I was talking to someone earlier about forgiveness.
This has been such a hard journey for me!
As I wrote my responses to her,
I could feel the old feelings rising up in me
because God wanted me to remember
what that felt like...

I told her how I used to HATE.
I hated with a passion!
I was soooo hurt.........
But was it really hate?
or was it deep sadness and hurt?

People break our hearts sometimes!
God breaks our heart sometimes!




When we can forgive...
we can be free!
Unforgiveness sets US up for failure
and bitterness and we are the
ones who remain chained!!!!

I told her how I began praying for
the people who hurt me, and God
eventually gave me compassion for them.
It didn't happen overnight by no means!

I sit here and smile
because God gave me an opportunity
this afternoon to practice the same
advice I gave this woman...

"Forgive, Heaven.
Will you trust me?
Will you let me use you?
Will you forgive this person? Again?"

We have NO clue what God wants to
do in and through us, but if we don't give
him our hurts, our pain, and let Him transform
it into something beautiful, then we may never
find out just how much He wants to use us!

Some days I have to forgive God
over and over again...
simply because I do not understand
His plan.

Did God do anything wrong?

Do I hold things against God
because I do not understand?
Yep, sometimes.

IF you want freedom...
forgiveness is not an option!

Daddy God- I thank You for YOUR forgiveness that You freely offer me every day! I thank You that You died on the cross for me even knowing all of the times I would mess up. I thank You for Your love, mercy, and perfect grace.

I thank You that I choose daily to forgive. I thank You for the gift of freedom that You offer because I choose Your way. God, I know people who are struggling to forgive, and I know what it is like to be in that place! I know how much I hung on to the "right" of not offering forgiveness, because they did not deserve my forgiveness.

Jesus- I didn't (and still do not) deserve Your forgiveness, yet You still forgive me. Help me to forgive where I still need to forgive. Help me to love as You love. Help me to see people through Your eyes. Help me to give up my "right" for Your rights- my way for Your way.

Show my friends that the small steps they are taking are actually huge steps. I pray that You would honor their desire to follow You, one step at a time. Show them how much You are pleased with them!

Please keep us in Your perfect will for our lives...especially when we do not understand! I love You Abba Father!

In Jesus' name, Amen~


Cherie Hill said...

Heaven...such a spirit filled post...so honest...God smiles at your heart. Our peace can't come from defining God by our circumstances, but by simply trusting in His character. If we trust in Who He says He is...we find a comfort in realizing that He knows every detail of what we're going through and we have an inner confidence that He really does know what He's doing. Faith believes God's Promises and believes He's in control...even when your life is not.

Fighting the fight...one battle at a time with you sister...God bless...praying always,

Karen Hossink said...

I am inviting God to speak to my heart about this issue. I've never really felt I needed to forgive anyone for wrongs done against me. But as I read your post, one particular person came to mind. And now I'm asking God to show me the way.
Freedom is a beautiful thing, and I don't want to miss it.

Love you,

MTJ said...

Hello Heaven,

There is such power in forgiveness. I did not recognize this years ago but I am thankful of God's patience and grace regarding me. I praise God each time I am given the opportunity to forgive. Sometimes it is difficult to see the greater good in God's purpose to forgive but I am reminded of how often I ask Him to forgive me.


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