December 18, 2009

I have Power???

The Spirit of God, who raised Jesus from
the dead
, lives in you.
And just as God raised Christ Jesus from the dead,
he will give life

to your mortal bodies by this
same Spirit living within you
Romans 8:11 (NLT)

WOWZERS!!! Did you get that???


IF you have invited Jesus Christ into your heart,
YOU HAVE the SAME Spirit inside of you that


IF you haven't...



God NOT ONLY gives us a NEW LIFE....


to LIVE that new life!!!

NOT ONLY power & authority...




Are YOU living victorious today???

Are YOU living in the FREEDOM Jesus offers???

Are YOU living your life FULL OF JOY???


~~~~Dear Jesus~~~~

I lift up my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. I lift of those who have not YET chosen You. I pray that YOU would flood their world with YOUR presence! I pray that YOU would draw them into YOUR amazing love and grace and hope and peace! I claim VICTORY & FREEDOM into their lives today! I pray that the SAME SPIRIT that RAISED YOU up from the grave would RISE UP within each one of us! I pray that WE WOULD BECOME EMPOWERED by YOUR Spirit within us! I pray that our eyes would be able to see TRUTH! THE TRUTH about who we are because of WHO YOU ARE!!! Oh, Jesus, I pray for those who have never chosen to walk life with YOU, or for those who have walked away...I pray that YOU would shine light into their heart and their mind and that you would awaken their desire to LIVE WITH AND FOR YOU, -which YOU placed within each person created!!!

I pray for those struggling to reach the mountain top. I pray for those who have lost their joy and direction. I pray for those who can't find their purpose or are afraid to step into their future. I pray for those who LONG for freedom, LONG for restoration, LONG for HOPE and PEACE. YOU know each one who is tired and weary and those who don't want to go on. Dear Jesus, meet each one of them right where they are at, and touch their hearts like never before! RESTORE, REBUILD, REMODEL, RE-ENGAGE, RE-PLANT, RE-SOIL, RENEW.

Thank You Jesus for who You are, for what YOU have done, and for all that You are still accomplishing!!! You are soooooo amazing and I praise You for Your grace and Your restoration in my life!

In Jesus' precious name, Amen

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