December 28, 2009

2009 is almost over?

My title says what lies in my heart at this moment. I sit here wondering where my year went.

I sit with similar dreams locked deep in my heart, that I didn't pursue this year. I sit with more weight than I started the year off with. I sit here with doubts and failures wondering, "What will truly be different this year?"

I have found myself extremely irritated today-mostly over the small things that really shouldn't get to me... I have been on the verge of tears for days now. I napped today as well as yesterday, and I could easily sleep on and on and on:)

Sigh...what am I avoiding? What am I afraid of? What truly is the heart matter of my irritation and aggravation? And what's up with sleeping more???

So as I sit here this evening, analyzing my motives, my actions, my thoughts, and my attitudes, I realize I'm feeling disappointment and regret...

...because I allowed another year to pass and I sit here with nothing to show for it!!!

Or do I???

(To be continued...)

1 comment:

Karen Hossink said...

I believe you DO!

Love you!

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