December 22, 2009


IF my people, who are called by my name,
will humble themselves
PRAY and SEEK my face
TURN from their wicked ways,
THEN will I hear from
heaven and
will forgive their sin and will heal their land.

2 Chronicles 7:14

(Image by Tiffany Vox)

God has many IF/THEN's in the Bible...

Do you ever wonder why some people get their "breakthrough" and why others do not? I used to. I actually used to get mad at God because people were getting blessed and I was "stuck" in my own prison.

One of the key elements of those people receiving their blessing and breakthrough is that they NEVER gave up. They pressed through the obstacles that came their way. They pushed past the oppression that tried to suffocate them. They kept proclaiming the promises that God had given them specifically for their life and for their families.

They didn't quit because they WANTED and DESIRED what was ahead of them! Others knew that turning back wasn't an option, so they continued to go forward.

For me, I kept going because I got tired of going around this mountain over and over and over. I kept going because I desired the freedom others had already received. I kept going because I knew there was a destiny and purpose for my life other than what I was experiencing.

God would lead me to verses about "joy" and living life "more abundantly", and I'd know in my heart, I was not experiencing either! BUT I WANTED TO. I wanted what others had. I wanted to be free. I wanted to switch from being "needy" to being "needed".

As I gave up things (and people) that God asked me to, I would get even angrier, because I still wasn't being blessed or breaking through. At several points throughout the last year, I told God,

"I have given up _________and _________and _________ and _______, and what am I getting in return??? NOTHING!!!"

I have a very open relationship with God. He knows our thoughts, feelings, disappointments- He knows it all. He doesn't want us to pretend with Him or be the "polite" Christian- being fake or pretending we feel something we don't. In fact, much of what I know about my Heavenly Father, came from my honest conversations with Him.

I share that, not to say, "disrespect God who is Holy", but to say that EVEN though God is Holy, He is also my Father, whom I don't have to "pretend" around.

In those moments of anger and openness with My Father God, He would gently wrap my heart in His arms, and whisper words of encouragement, love, and adoration to my Spirit.

"Keep going, sweet daughter...My ways are so much higher than yours, and My thoughts are not your thoughts. What you don't see is how I am molding you into your destiny, one choice at a time. I am so proud of you! Keep leaning on Me, and don't give up! You are almost to the top of this mountain before you."

He brought me to the top...He gave me my breakthrough! AND He wants to do the same for you!!!

Keep pressing on and DO NOT give up!!!!

~Father God~

The word "testimony" means to "do it again!". I pray Lord God, that YOU as I share my testimonies, that YOU would DO IT AGAIN!!! Do it again for my friends! In their lives, may YOUR glory be revealed and YOUR power released in their hopeless situations and circumstances. Father, I know how hard it is to keep pressing on, because it gets soooooo tiring and it is sooooooo easy to quit! I know the pain and striving it takes to climb that mountain when the screams of the body and soul is saying, "I can't do this anymore!" I know the frustration of seeing everyone else get "free", yet being so entangled in your own prison. I know the longing and desires of wanting to be "birthed" into what You've called me to!

Oh Jesus, You know it too! You know everything we feel, everything we have faced, and everything that is still to come! I pray YOUR persevering power into my friends' lives!!! For ANYONE reading this blog, for anyone who doesn't even know it exists!!! Pour out YOUR Spirit of breakthrough in the lives of those who are seeking YOU! Let them know that they know that they KNOW that there IS more to this life!!! AND IT IS SOOOOOOOOO FULFILLING!!!!! Thank You for Your grace and mercy upon us! Thank YOU for NEVER giving up on me- my stubbornness and all!!! I love You soooo much!!!

In Jesus' precious name, Let it be done!!! AMEN!!!


B His Girl said...

I have no doubt you are very open with your relationship with God. Being open is a strength. He wants us to draw close and share with Him. He does know everything! I have been struggling with something. Part of me is trying to think it through. I need to just lay it on the table. If I do, He will work with me on it.
I am proud of you for pressing on. He has made you strong. b

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this. I feel very battered today by the gates of hell (and husband). God knows I want to have the right reactions. I want the words of my mouth to be acceptable in His sight. I don't want to flare up in a hot rage even if it is justified because of emotional, verbal and sometimes physical abuse. I want to react as Jesus would. I want the beauty of Jesus to be seen in me. More than anything I don't want God to be disappointed in me as it seems everyone else in my life is. I'm not giving up. HEAR THAT, SATAN. I'm NOT giving up!!

Heaven said...

Dear anonymous, praying for you this evening!

Edie said...

What a wonderful post Heaven! I can relate to all of it except I haven't reached the *breakthrough* yet. I'm still walking in the wilderness wondering what to do next. I'm very open with God too. Why try to hide what He already knows? This is very encouraging. Thank you!

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