December 2, 2009


Wow, it seems like an eternity since I've been able to blog. For me, it's so different than journaling on my computer. Not sure why, but it is.

This has been a tough six months, BUT I'd do it again in a heartbeat because of all I've learned and the ways I have grown. For those of you who have followed my tweets, you have been able to share in some of those, but mostly only hints of events have been shared. I look forward to sharing with you the things I have learned in my time "away" from my computer:)

The boys and I moved at the end of October. As I shared before, it was a "total God move". Each step and moment of the way left me on the edge of my seat because I had NO clue where I was going, how I was going to move, and who was going to help me move. All I knew was I needed to move. My trailer was cute and it was home, but I needed to get my finances in order, and therefore, that meant downsizing into something more affordable.

Since our move, we have officially "settled in" and made this apartment our new home. The boys had to change schools, and leave behind what was familiar to them. Dylan adjusted quite well from the beginning. Zach...he's an 8th grader and this was hard for him! The struggles have been huge and heartbreaking, but they have also strengthened my faith, and pushed me out of my comfort zone as well! Ha, love being on the edge of the "nest" with God telling me to fly:)

My car died, and that took away my freedom to "go" whenever I wanted. I went through a little depression and had my pity party, and now back on the up-swing of life. I have been writing a lot and spending a lot of time in God's presence. There has been some relationships in my life that have been severed and strained, yet I press on, trusting them to God.

Change is hard, but necessary in this thing we call life. God does take us into His arms exactly as we are, but He loves us enough not to leave us that way! He takes us out of the miry clay, cleans us up, so that we can help others out of that same pit. Praise God that someone went before me so they could help pull me out!

I have learned a lot about God and His character during this time. I have had some incredible revelations concerning His love, and lately, the authority He has given us in Christ Jesus! I love the journey I've been on even though it's been difficult...

I have also been drawing more, sewing more, and singing more. My drawing has shifted a bit, not sure what to make of that, or where that is headed, but it's cool. There are so many things God is showing me, and I have to be careful not to go before Him and jump ahead. THAT is fun, fun.

I'm just glad to be back. I thought I would be writing a profound post once I sat down, but as I sit in my chair, clicking on the keyboard, I just feel grateful to have this opportunity again. I am silenced by His mercy and grace...just thankful for all He's done for me in the time I've been away. I will share some pics at the end (just because I can!)

Well, thank you to those who prayed and encouraged and stood beside me. You guys ROCK! Love ya!

BTW, I opened my other blogs back up, so feel free to check them out as time goes by. Not sure what direction my "Heaven Designed" blog is going, but prayerfully will continue "Letters to God". Until TOMORROW (squeal!), toodles:)
Our new pet- Rhino:)

One of the drawings I did

Another drawing

Of course, our Christmas tree!
A couple weeks ago, Dylan
got baptized (will share more later)


Trees said...

We must sometimes go through many different paths on the journey we have been given, some have very rough roads and valleys. I am glad your journey is becoming smoother and the Lord is with you, guiding you. Change indeed is very hard, and when it involves your children, it can be equally heartbreaking to see them going through so many difficult times, hopefully your son will settle in soon and things will be brighter for him. God bless.

Tracy said...

I'm glad you are back bloggin'!

Edie said...

Hey Heaven! It's good to *see* you again! I can relate to a lot that you expressed here even though you don't think you said anything. Ha!

Love the direction your drawings are going! Can you say etsy?

Many blessings my friend!

Karen Hossink said...

Heaven, what a wonderful journey!
(Heaven's Journey. Yes, I totally intended the "pun." *grin*)
God is so good - even when our circumstances seem less than...
I am so thankful for all He has done in your life - for the ways you have grown - for the ways you have seen God show Himself faithful to you!

"How would I know You could deliver?
How would I know You could set free?
If there had never been a battle, how would I know the victory?
How would I know You could be faithful to meet all of my needs?
Lord, I appreciate the hard times.
Otherwise, how would I know?"
Know what I mean???

Love you!

Debbie said...

Hey there! Your post stirs something within me, maybe almost jealousy...I don't know what it is like to need to completely surrender. Not asking for trouble or anything...but you have gained a depth in your relationship with the Lord that I haven't arrived at. I'm grateful for your example should I need one to follow.
Take care, friend.

Debbie said...

Hi...just checked out your Letters to God. I totally recognize the steps for Narrow is the Way! Glad to have walked them with you.

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