December 29, 2009

2009 is almost over? PART 2

So as I sit here this evening, analyzing my motives, my actions, my thoughts, and my attitudes, I realize I'm feeling disappointment and regret... ...because I allowed another year to pass and I sit here with nothing to show for it!!! Or do I???


Christmas 2008

Here sat a girl wounded and broken, going through a divorce, questioning every decision she made, wondering if anyone could ever really love her- completely, wholly, and unconditionally...Feeling empty and lost inside, filled with depression, anxiety, and lack of purpose.

Christmas 2009
Here sits a woman, who fought through obstacle after obstacle, trying to find the One true love of her with a mended heart, joy unspeakable, and purpose. She knows without a doubt that the Creator of the universe, the Lord of the heavens, the Savior of this world is completely in love with His creation-Her! She knows the love of a Father she never had and she calls him Papa God! She stands at the top of a mountain looking at all the incredible things God has for her! She sings because she is happy! She laughs because it's real! She encourages because she believes everyone can have what she has! She lives-and lives life to the fullest because she can! She believes in the dreams of her heart and plans to go after them because she knows they are HERS!

Hmmm... She has much to show for 2009...


Edie said...

Rich Blessings to you for 2010!
Much love!

B His Girl said...

Claim your territory Heaven. There's MORE for you in 2010. B

Heaven said...


Luanne said...

Now that's a good year! Blessings for the new one, Heaven!

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