July 9, 2009


Today I am taking a break...

a break from the normal "intense" post...

I would like to ask you, my reader, a question...

As I have said before, I often wrestle with God on being so transparent on this blog. Clearly, I have been through many things for a purpose, and God is able to work those things out for His glory, but after reading everything I have written, I am puzzled and perplexed with questions.

I have to ask you, "Why do you keep coming back?" After the things I have told you about myself, what makes you continue to read this blog?

Would you mind sharing your thoughts?

I'm not a big "sitemeter" fan. I don't check it a lot, simply because it confuses me. But once in awhile, I will check it just to see if people are still reading. I am rather computer "illiterate", so again, I really don't understand the "facts and numbers" of it, but it seems that quite a few people are still reading despite my "transparencies".

Would you humor me today, and let me know why you keep coming back to read this blog? I am honored, but would still like to hear from you and ask if/how God "touches" you through this blog.

Thanks and have a great day in the Lord!!!


Ronel Sidney said...


Your blog is such a breath of fresh air and is so inspiring for me in many ways. I am still learning to be transparent especially because I have family members from mine and my husband's family who stop and read... sometimes I tend to censor myself and yet when I read your blog you are so transparent with your past struggles and current troubles. I think it is great to see God working on your and giving you the ability to share so freely these things from your past. Keep up the good work and don't stop being so truthful.


Amanda said...

1. You are a great writer.
2. You love the Lord.
3. You sacrifice pride to share vulnerable parts of you to help others.
4. You have a lot to offer!

Keep up the good work!

God bless-

B His Girl said...

Heaven, I like you from afar: ) Your posts usually make me ponder things and I like to do that. I want to hear about you crossing hurdles that have kept you from God's best in the past. I feel like God has put you in my path to encourage and listen to what He is doing in your life. B

Chatty Kelly said...

You're honest and you share from the heart. What is not to like? Sometimes you're really funny too, and I like that part of you too.

debbie said...

You have caught me in a silly mood, so my number one reason for reading your blog is because my stuff doesn't seem so big anymore. OK, we are phone friends so anyone who just said I can't believe she said that can relax. Seriously, though, there is a grain of truth to that. You deal with more than I do on a regular basis, yet you do it in a humble godly way. And when you don't, you share that too. I just like you. I like the intensity and style of your writing. I like the scriptures you choose. Really, I like you. You are someone I could hang with if we weren't three hours apart. Keep writing. Keep processing. Keep living the life God has called you to live.
Love, Debbie

Lindsey @ A New Life said...

I love you because of your realness, not in spite of it. Reading my blog should show you that we are a lot alike, and I don't really believe in hiding behind false pretenses or "everything is always ok" Christianity. What good does that do anyone? People need to know that Christians struggle too, and how we handle those struggles while they are happening. Not just ten years later :-) True life application of the bible and God's word in action. Plus you are funny and awesome and God's truth just pours out of you!
Love you,

Irritable Mother said...

Heaven, honestly? I keep coming back because I love you. You are precious to God, so you are precious to me. I appreciate your transparency because you give glory to God and testify to His power and faithfulness in your life.
I come here to read, because I want to hear about the ways God is working in you, my friend.

And I do love your kooky sense of humor. Still laughing about all the blanks you filled in on my website. *big grin*

Much love,

My ADHD Me said...

It is amazing how much Chatty Kelly and I think alike. She said what I was going to say, almost verbatim.

You write with your heart. You aren't afraid to tell us about the real you. It would be so easy to make us some elaborate blog and pretend, and I know people do that. But not you. Your honesty is real and I like that.

Oh yeah, and you're crazy too. jk

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