September 2, 2010

Be blessed

Going to try to post this from my phone so bear with me. Life has been crazy interesting lately and full of many twists and turns. I know God is still in control but some days just seem overwhelming. We are adjusting to a new normal at our house. I'm having plenty of opportunities to trust God with my life and with the lives of my boys. It's amazing how strong Jesus is in us when we don't feel like we can be strong anymore. I love the growth. I love being stretched:-) As long as God never leaves me to do it on my own:) So know you are not alone in your journey. You're not the only one being stretched and GOD IS STILL ON THE THRONE AND STILL IN CONTROL. Be blessed friends:)

Trusting God

My son has been pretty sick lately. Even though he's an adult, I still worry about him. I probably get annoying as I ask the same questi...