January 10, 2019


God has me fasting right now. I'm not fasting food, but something else. I really have felt that God wants to shift my focus right now. Shift some habits. And shift my mentality.

My friend mentioned fasting yesterday. I immediately thought, "heck no!" Fasting and I do not have a good relationship. Fasting is something I always have failed at. Fasting makes me a failure and I detest it. Fasting is something good Christians are supposed to do in order to get God to do something for them. Fasting and I do not have a good relationship.

Within an hour of my friend mentioning fasting, God brought something to mind for me to fast, but it was way out of the box, that I discredited it. A couple hours later, I began fasting that thing. I wasn't going to tell my friend because I wanted to see if I could be a success at it first before announcing this to her. I wanted a chance to not be a failure at it, so I could say, "Hey, look at me! I'm fasting! Yeah me! Sister "good" Christian. I also had to make sure I really heard from God!

I don't have a time line for this fast. BUT I know in the 24 hours I have been fasting, God has already changed my thinking so much. He's changing habits. He's opening my eyes. He's speaking. He's out of the box and encouraging me to come out of the box as well.

I don't know the outcome of this fast, but I do know that He's changing me. He doesn't expect me to do anything in order for Him to bless me. He's not taking or withholding things from me. He's not expecting perfection. He doesn't call me a failure. He isn't sitting up there saying, "Do this or I won't do that." 

I'm excited to see how this journey progresses.

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Karen Hossink said...

Oooo. I'm excited to see how it progresses, too.
It is evident from your writing that HE is speaking. HE is working in you. HE is faithful!
As you experience God's touch, I pray your find yourself delighting in the new levels to which He draws you. Out of boxes. Beyond expectations. Further than you ever thought possible.
It's going to be amazing!!!

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