December 9, 2008

Here for a blurb

Life update...

Snow, snow, snow...buried under snow. Shovel is already way too worn out and winter isn't even officially here yet. It took me an hour and a half to dig out my van this morning....ugh!!! The kids enjoyed a snow day and that hasn't happened for at least an entire school year, so they are feeling pretty blessed.

Ventured out for an hour's worth of work (one client), so although the pay may not have been worth the trip out, the character quality I am giving to my new job is that of committment. (I must add that this is not a born trait of mine, rather one God has been pushing me to learn over a lifetime). Hey, whether it is easy or hard to grasp, it's definitely a well-worth quality to acquire, so praise God, I just might finally be "getting it". Woo hoo!

Still no computer, but I guarantee plenty of reading material once I return. Yes, I have officially finished all of the pages of a journal since I have been off the computer. It's amazing how much you can learn when technology is taken away from your life. We not only have no computer currently, but we went through a period of about 3 weeks with no telephone as well. During that time, TV time was cut down as well. (May as well tackle everything at once, huh?). Wow, it's amazing how loud God speaks when there is no phone ringing, or TV blaring, or radio consuming the space around a person. Talk about amazing!

There has been struggles as well, but more than struggles, there has been victories! I keep hearing a speaker's words over and over in my head: Be grateful for anything that brings you to your knees, because it brings you closer to God. Isn't that the truth??? It's amazing the things in life that one can get through when they change their perspective and thoughts.

Blessings are pouring in as God's reminder that obedience does pay off. God does recompense us and repay us for all the many things He asks us to give up along the path of following Him. He also makes the enemy pay us back for everything he has stolen from us. Praise God! How can a person not expect "Spring" in the middle of Winter with thoughts and meditations like those!!!

So my thought until we meet again is: Just because it may physically be approaching the winter and cold season, does NOT mean that Spring can't arrive in your Spirit and in your heart. Expect flowers to bloom in your life as you are living the obedient life Christ Jesus has asked you to walk. Yes, the world may be in a financial crisis, but we are not of this world, as we are aliens and strangers in this foreign land. Our real home is in heaven, and our Daddy God has all the resources we possibly need in this life and the next. Take authority and ask heaven's blessings to invade earth on God's people. In the matchless name of Jesus Christ we declare!!! Fear cannot operate when faith is present!!!

Until visiting brother's house again, Heaven


Kelly said...

Missed you. Come back to brother's soon. :-D

Paulette said...

It's good to hear from you. I can't wait to talk to you soon. Glad your doing well.

Luanne said...

Awesome hopeful post. Hopefully you will be back posting soon!!

Greg C said...

Welcome back. I am sorry I had to resort to threats. (the truth is I was praying for your return too) And it worked. I totally agree, when life brings you to your knees, it brings you closer to God. God and I seem to be getting a lot closer these days.

Debbie Giese said...

Hey girl,
My daughter still hasn't turned her heat on. It is turning into a contest now. Anyway, your words are hopeful. I love the part of the enemy paying us back for what was stolen. Thanks for the deep thoughts and reminders of God's promises.
Take care!

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