April 18, 2012

You WILL make it!

I write.
I write a lot.
I go to hit "publish".
I push "close" instead.
Some things are private.
I wish I could share.
I wish I could give you hope.
You are not alone.
You're not the only one struggling.
I wish I could tell you my story.
I pray I can one day share.
But for today...I cannot.
I can tell you that God is FOR you!
Not against you!
He HAS a plan for YOU!
It's good.
You WILL make it!
And the day after that!
Call out to Jesus...
He's there.
He's here.
And we're going to make it!
I'm praying for YOU...
will you pray for me?


Anonymous said...

What an encouraging writing...it brought tears to my eyes, hope to my heart and a smile to my face...thank you ...this old gal tired from a long day, alone in her house....sure needed to read such promises! Thank you

Heaven said...

Sweet Rhonda, I pray God would restore your heart and your Spirit with His very own! Blessings friend:)

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