October 3, 2011

Fear (Video blog post)

I finally gave in and decided to do a video blog post. I had tooooooo much fun with this. I hope you enjoy it:) Blessings Friends!!!


Anonymous said...

A brave one you are to do this video...thanks for sharing ...the scriptues in Joshua are awesome and I have clung to them so much of my life in my journey back home ..

LisaShaw said...

You and I chatted about this on FB but wanted to also leave a comment that I'm so proud of you! Awesome message! Hugs!

Pat Thacker said...

Hi Heaven
I did so enjoy your video so good to see you!.I'm so proud of you and you look good,I'm taking the plunge soon.I did several of family and friends and some of me cutting up,keep the good encouraging messages coming!!
Love ya :)

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